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amount of direct solar radiation received per square meter
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how long it takes sunlight to reach a solar panel


barrels of oil saved by solar energy
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expected solar growth in Florida in the next 5 years

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  • Free Quote And Consultation For Home Solar Panels, Including Electric Bill
  • Review, Financing Options, And Hoa Compliance
  • Home Visit And Panel Placement By Our Solar Design Experts
  • Licensed, Trained Technicians For Hassle-Free Panel Assembly
  • 20-25-Year Warranty, Depending On Which Products You Choose
  • 10 Year Roof Guarantee Against Leaks
  • Remote Panel Monitoring
  • Smart Thermostat For Optimum Efficiency

Spending Over Time

To find out how much you could save going solar put in what your average monthly bill is and choose an offset between 60-90% to see the possible savings.**

  • A/C
  • Electronics/Lights/Appl
  • Water Heater
  • Heating

**Disclaimer on Spending Over Time Illustration

Homes.Solar has limited the amount of offset you can choose in this illustration to between 60% and 90% in recognition of typical variables including system size, the position of the roof, and location of surrounding trees and structures. Your local utility company may still charge the basic service charges regardless of your total offset.  This illustration Does Not Include the Cost of Solar and is only an approximate representation of what your electric bill may be if you choose to install a solar energy system.  Your total savings and offset percentage are not guaranteed. All illustrations based on data from EIA’s 2009 Residential Energy Consumption Survey

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Recent Blogs

As Rooftop Solar Grows, What Should the Future of Net Metering Look Like?

Almost every state has been weighing changes to how homes with solar are compensated for electricity they send to the grid. The results will impact solar growth.

Like solar installers across much of America, Mark Hagerty is adapting to drastic changes in the economics of his business. His state, Michigan, is one of many that are cutting the rates rooftop solar owners receive for selling excess power to the grid.

“We’re going to do fewer jobs, and each job is going to be a smaller size,” said Hagerty, president of Michigan Solar Solutions, a solar installer based northwest of Detroit. His comments echo concerns now being voiced by solar installers in many states as new rules take effect.

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Why Florida Homeowners Are Warming up to PACE Solar Financing

For most Florida homeowners, cash and leasing are still the 2 most popular ways to pay for a new solar installation. These financing approaches are polar opposites. And they both have their own pros and cons:

  • Cash delivers the highest returns and shortest payback periods. But not everyone has the money to pay for a solar installation entirely out-of-pocket.
  • Leasing allows you to receive a new installation for free. You only pay for the clean electricity generated. But you’ll never technically “break even” with this approach. You’re simply buying electricity from a cheaper and cleaner source.

But with Homes.Solar, there’s now a Third financing option – one that’s quickly picking up steam in the Sunshine State.

PACE financing combines the best of both worlds by turning solar into an affordable investment that delivers guaranteed returns.

How PACE Solar Financing Works in Florida

Short for Property Assessed Clean Energy, PACE is a unique type of solar financing that provides you with full system ownership – without requiring any upfront payments.

Here’s how it works.

An authorized PACE lender provides you with money to pay for your solar installation (parts and labor included). This financing is technically a loan. And you may be wondering why anyone would take on debt to go solar.

After all, the goal is to save money by installing panels – not owe money.

But here’s what makes PACE financing unique.

The loan is tied directly to your property taxes instead of to any personal guarantees. And this means your annual property tax bill goes up slightly over the 20-year term of the PACE agreement.

But rather than pay off this higher tax bill using your own money, you use that year’s utility bill savings instead. In fact, you’ll have extra cash in your pocket at the end of each billing cycle. So, your annual savings are guaranteed.

And at Homes.Solar, we can further increase those savings by extending the PACE loan terms from 20 years to 25. This shrinks your annual obligation, allowing you to keep even more money in your wallet each year.

As an added bonus, the interest payments on PACE loans may be 100% tax deductible.

Better still, PACE financing isn’t attached to you – the borrower. Instead, it follows the property. And this is beneficial for 2 reasons:

  • Your own credit history doesn’t come into the picture, which is ideal for anyone with an imperfect score. However, PACE is only available for those who haven’t filed for any recent bankruptcies.
  • If you sell your home before the loan is paid off, the balance follows the home – not you. And the next buyer takes over the remaining portion of the PACE agreement.

Is PACE Solar Financing Right for You?

Every homeowner is different. And depending on your own goals, budget, and credit history, you may be better off exploring other financing options like cash or solar leasing.

But for a growing number of homeowners throughout Florida, PACE offers many important benefits. And it would be a mistake to not consider this financing solution as you begin exploring your solar options.

To learn how Homes.Solar can help you qualify for affordable PACE solar financing, schedule a free consultation with us today.


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