About Homes.Solar

I started Homes.Solar in 2017 after working for a couple of mega solar companies and learning two things very quickly: 1) Their customer service was non-existent and 2) They didn’t care about saving the consumer money.

I have been self-employed for over 20 years and have had some successful ventures and some not so successful but I’ve always been passionate about wanting to offer a good product or service at a fair price as well as the best customer service possible. Growing up in the ’60s and 70’s in the Midwest instilled a strong work ethic in me that continues to this day.

With the support of my family and awesome wife, Homes.Solar went live in June of 2018. Throughout the startup process, I realized my passion for this industry was like none other. I’m always available for my customers no matter the reason and most of my customers would attest to that and unlike many of the big solar companies, I do not make excuses if things go wrong, as the owner of the company – it’s my responsibility regardless of who or what caused the issue.

I remember a quote I heard a few years back which has stayed with me. “The search for someone else to blame is always successful” which I find true and why the fault will always fall on my shoulders.

I had a customer ask me, “What makes your company the best?” I answered, “I never claimed to be the best but I will always give you the fairest price, a direct line to me, the owner, and the best customer service possible”. I put my heart into every job that I do and that’s just who I am. I am not satisfied until the customer is.

On a personal note, my wife and I love hanging poolside and listening to music whenever possible, as well as golfing, hiking, and an occasional night out with friends and family.