Why Solar


Reduced electric bill

Would you like to have control over your electric bills? What if you knew that they could be reduced – or nearly eliminated? That’s the benefit of solar power. Owning your own power puts more money in your pocket and gives you more control. Electricity created with fossil fuels will become more expensive – but the sun’s rates will never go up.

Low maintenance

Maintaining solar panels couldn’t be easier. With little to no moving parts –along with our exclusive warranties to protect you from future out-of-pocket expenses –you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll be able to reap the benefits of the sun without any worries of maintenance.

Reduced emissions

With average efficiency rates in the US of 37.4%, fossil fuels are inefficient. In fact, if you were to keep 1 light bulb lit 24/7 for 1 year, that 1 light bulb would consume 714 lbs. of coal and would produce.

How Does Solar Power Work?

To better understand the benefits of solar power, first let’s take a look at how you currently power your home.

Your electricity travels a long way before it gets to your home, which is why it’s so expensive. There’s a lot of maintenance needed on a lot of buildings, towers, wires and infrastructure, making it inefficient and outdated.And that’s why your electric bills keep steadily climbing – someone has to pay for it all. What you’re basically doing is renting your power, which keeps you completely dependent on your utility company.

Now, let’s look at how solar power is produced. In the diagram below, you will see that there is very little to maintain with solar.

With solar energy, you’re cutting out the middle man, and you own your own power. As long as the sun keeps rising every day, you’ll have power for your home and you never have to worry about a rate increase.
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